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From Texarkana to Tyler down to Hemphill in Sabine County, my pledge to every East Texan is to fight for our shared East Texas values in Washington D.C. On Day 1, my priorities will be: 

  • Introduce a rural affordability package that will make sure we lessen the effect of inflation on families in rural Texas, and increase housing, food, and healthcare affordability

  • Restore and increase funding for rural hospitals in Texas, and support federally funded programs that focus on improving healthcare literacy within working communities

  • Create more pathways to business loans via the Small Business Administration for rural East Texans

When Congress is in session I propose the following bills for Congress to help millions of Texans, including all of us living in the 17 counties in Congressional District 1. We will focus on the following four problems, and file bills, to find real solutions for East Texas.

Combating Poverty

We have to improve the quality of life of all Americans. Poverty is and should always be unacceptable. Our goal is to get benefits, programs, and services immediately for Seniors, Veterans, the Homeless, The working poor, and all entrepreneurs & business owners.


We need equal investments in Americans.


I will propose RAPIA (The Rural Area Proactive Improvement Act). Uplifting families is how we begin to rebuild our District by creating the basics such as opportunities for rural development & access to healthcare when you need it.

  • In rural areas, hospitals are closing in this District; Most do not have access to High-Speed Internet which creates Economic Disenfranchisement and loss of opportunities that cause families to separate and communities left divided.

  • 97% of all land in America is Rural, and 3% is Urban.

  • 80% of the population lives in urban areas, while 20% live in rural. This means a massive opportunity for growth and development with proper investment in people.

  • 13.6 % of the Texas population lives below the poverty line. Poverty is higher in rural and under-developed disenfranchised areas.

  • Congressional District 1 borders with Arkansas poverty of 17.0%, Oklahoma at 15.7% & Louisiana at 19.2 %. We are truly the land of opportunity but it's time we welcome opportunity, not shut our doors to it.

Voter Suppression

I will propose The Delma Banks Jr. Voting Restoration Act, named after my father, who has been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned my entire life.


I am personally passionate about Prison Reform because of my father, who has never been able to vote, because of the injustices that have been thrown at him. 


The right to vote in Federal Elections is a fundamental right secured to all counted in the census.


We must modernize and strengthen public education.

  • Only 49% of students go to college after graduation.

  • 52% of enrolled college students are not adequately prepared for college-level work.

  • That means 51% are unprepared, and many have lost hope in a system that will invest in your education that profits particular special interests that do not teach you the skills that one can use to uplift oneself.

Ethics Reform & Social Security

I want to propose Ethics Reform to address corruption, bribery, and deprivation of rights protected by the Constitution.

We need a New Social Security Act that adapts to our modern economy without sacrificing the founding values and vision that President Franklin Roosevelt had for previous generations. Without meaningful reform, the system will go insolvent. 

"We must commit ourselves to doing good for our neighbors, all of the time, no matter the consequences."

-Jrmar "JJ" Jefferson

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