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My name is Jrmar Jefferson, but everyone calls me JJ. My story begins in Texarkana, Texas, where I was born in Wadley Regional Medical Hospital several months after my father Delma Banks Jr. was unjustly sentenced to death for capital murder. 


Growing up was difficult as one moved from place to place and struggle to struggle. Even with government assistance, my mother did her best to conceal our poverty and ensure we never reached rock bottom. Despite the difficulty, I cherish the memory of my mother reading to my twin brother and me every night and telling us that we would one day change the world and make it better for many people. 


We attended The Church of God in Christ and Holy Temple of the Full Gospel. Both churches were in close proximity to one another, so we would sing at my grandmother's church in the morning and at my mother's church by noon. The song that my grandmother still sings, that her son will one day be free, resonates loudly in my heart. That our Creator will permit her son to dine at her table one last time before her death. 


I began playing basketball, running cross country, learning drums and the piano, forming a singing group with my twin brother that we called Timez 2, and praying for better days in order to cope with the pressure and negativity of being considered the son of a murderer. 


In 2012, I learned that my father would accept a plea bargain, which weighed heavily on my heart. As a result, when my son Moshe was born the following year, I wanted to make him and my family proud by being the best father I could. 


I attended Consumes River College in Sacramento, where I first learned about Liberty, Freedom, and the virtues of our Republic, not knowing how to assist my father. My professor appreciated the numerous questions I posed and encouraged me to join the local Democratic Party, stating that he believed I was capable of great things. So, I did! I went to the Democratic party and assisted with voter registration. 


I desired to understand how local government operates. I ran for election to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors in 2014. I did not win the election, but I did win the hearts of thousands of voters in that district. I was a Bernie Sanders delegate at the 2016 National Convention; it was an incredible experience. I decided to run for Congress because the majority of our issues are not local but rather national. The solutions to eradicating poverty, division, the infringement of liberties, and the denial of justice are crafted in Washington, D.C. with the pen. 


As a congressman, I will put aside partisanship and concentrate on finding solutions, as this is crucial to me. My goals are to modernize education, housing, and public safety, and to help East Texas prosper. 


My fundamental values are Conservative, and my social values are Liberal. I believe we should help provide food and medical care to those in need. In addition, I commit to voting for legislation that regulates the greed and corruption that contribute to our poverty. 


Our office will operate with complete openness and cooperation to inform the constituents of this district of the votes and decisions we will make collectively. We must work for the next generation in every generation. 


The fundamental belief is that I am both my brother's and sister's keeper. I believe we have a moral obligation to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities. I am running to change the direction in which we are headed. 


We can improve the situation for your grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, and every other American sibling. We must unite regardless of our beliefs or origins in order to prevail in the difficult years ahead. I would like your support most of all to represent this district in Congress and propose actions that will benefit and elevate us all.

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