I am Jrmar Jefferson; my friends call me JJ. My story begins in Texarkana, Texas, where I was born in Wadley Regional Medical Hospital months after my father Delma Banks Jr. was wrongfully sentenced to Death for Capital Murder.

Life growing up was hard moving from place to place, struggle to struggle. Even with receiving government assistance, my mother did her best to hide the poverty and never let us hit rock bottom. As hard as it may have been, I hold on to the beautiful memory of my mother reading to us every night and telling my twin brother and me that we would change the world and make it better for many people one day.

We attended two churches, The Church of God In Christ and Full Gospel Holy Temple. Both churches were not far from one another, so in the morning, we would go to grandma's church and sing, and before noon we were with my mother singing at her church. The song that my grandmother sings till this day sits loud in my heart, that her son will be free one day. That our Creator will allow for her son to eat at her table one more time before she dies.

In order to deal with the pressure and negativity of being considered a murderer's son, I began playing basketball, running cross country, learning drums and the piano, and forming a singing group with my twin brother that we named Timez 2, and praying for better days.

In 2012, I received the sad news that my father would accept a plea deal, which weighed heavily on my soul. So when my son Moshe was born the following year, I wanted to make him and my family proud by being the best father I could be, as I never had a father growing up.

Not knowing how to help my father, I went to Consumes River College in Sacramento, and that is where I began to be educated on Liberty, Freedom, and the virtues of our Republic. My school professor liked the many questions I asked and encouraged me to go down to the local Democratic Party, telling me that he believed I could do great things. So, I did! I went down to the Democratic party and helped register voters.

I wanted to learn how the government works on a local level. I ran for office in 2014 for the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. I did not win that race, but I won the hearts of thousands in that District. In 2016, I was a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the National Convention; it was a fantastic experience. I chose to run for Congress because most of our problems are not local but national. The solutions to end poverty, division, the infringement of liberties, and the denial of justice are created in the power of the pen that makes our laws in Washington.

As Congressman, I will set aside the parties and focus on solutions because, to me, that is important. My goals are to modernize education, housing, public safety and help bring prosperity to East Texas.

My fundamental values are Conservative, and my social values are Liberal. I believe we should help put food on tables and provide healthcare to those in need. In addition, I promise to vote on laws to regulate the greed and corruption that create our poverty.

Our office will serve in total transparency and cooperation to make the people of this District aware of the votes and decisions that we will make together. In every generation, we must work on behalf of the next generation.

It is the fundamental belief that I am my brother's keeper AND my sister's keeper I believe we have a moral obligation to make sure opportunities exist for all of us. I am running to change the direction that we are traveling towards.

We can make it better for your grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, and every American brother and sister. No matter what you believe or where you are from, we must stand together to prevail in the challenging years to come. Most of all, I would like your support to represent this District to propose actions in Congress that will benefit and uplift us all.

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